Protect Your Truck Bed with a Spray On Bedliner

Get a high-quality LINE-X truck bed liner in Lawton or Duncan, OK

Over the years, your truck bed is going to take some serious abuse. From hauling rough materials to surviving harsh weather conditions, your truck bed sees it all. That's why Shane Burk offers LINE-X truck bed liners in Lawton and Duncan, OK.

These spray-on bedliners are easy to apply and provide excellent corrosion resistance thanks to their superior water seal. Plus, our truck bed liners are extremely durable and come in a variety of colors.

Bring your truck to one of our shops to get a spray-on bedliner today.

Keep your other components and objects safe

A LINE-X coating can be applied to just about any kind of material out there. This makes them perfect for protecting:

  • Speaker boxes
  • Softball shoes
  • Skateboards

Contact us to see if we can apply a coating to your item.